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Cybersecurity Vendors

Are you a cybersecurity vendor looking to expand your reach, increase brand awareness, and gain credibility inside the closed cybersecurity community?

Producing high-quality content isn’t enough.  

To generate adequate demand, you need recognition from respected thought leaders inside the community.


The fastest and easiest way to get your content read, shared and engaged with by trusted professionals in the cybersecurity community. 

At a fraction of the cost of traditional PR or paid advertising.

“A great way to gain awareness, add credibility and get acknowledged by influencers in the cybersecurity community”

“Getting in front of cybersecurity professionals is extremely challenging. They’re extremely busy. Conventional PR is time-consuming and expensive. Cyfluencer has been a great way for us to gain more awareness, add credibility, build relationships, and get acknowledged by influencers in the cybersecurity community.  And, there are no monthly retainer fees. It’s very low maintenance and has really generated a nice ROI.

Daniella Balaban

VP Marketing, CybeReady


Cybersecurity Professionals

It’s the voices like yours which people trust. 

The ones with the knowledge to detect marketing BS, and only share content that educates, informs and engages around legitimate threats without promoting fear,  panic, or doubt.

The world needs you. 

Your insights, your voice, your contribution.

Join our network.

Share useful information.

Expand your influence.


Do you have an engaged social media following,  and care about sharing relevant content with your audience?

Finding high-quality, interesting content has never been so easy. 

Access our library of relevant, curated content to share with your followers. You always, have 100% control over what, if, and how often you share content.

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Do you get regular invitations to speak at webinars but cringe at the thought of the annoying admin involved? 

Are you an industry expert who would like more opportunities to speak at events where you can share your knowledge?

We find and arrange perfect-fit speaking engagements for you. Show up, dazzle the crowd, get paid. 

We do the rest.

No cost to you

"Facilitated a streamlined process to complete the Zero Trust Webinar”

“My interactions with Cyfluencer were amazing. They were able to connect me to Cyolo and help facilitate a streamlined process to complete the Zero Trust Webinar. The Cyfluencer team is super efficient, and great communicators. Working with Cyfluencer was a privilege and I look forward to working with them in the future.”

AJ Yawn

Founder of ByteChek, Speaker, LinkedIn Top Voice 2020

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