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As a Cybersecurity marketer you face unique challenges:

Cybersecurity is not just your job.

It’s your passion.

As a respected voice in your niche, you have decades of knowledge, experience, and a broad understanding of the threats facing the world. 

With an engaged following that listens to what you have to say, you’re not active on social media to win a popularity prize. 

You invest your time and energy so you can be a useful resource, a reassuring voice, and an insightful commentator.

But how do you easily source quality content on a regular basis?

And since you’re already sharing content, wouldn’t it be great if you got paid for it?

Join Cyfluencer and get paid for adding value to your audience

Your choice, always.
Your voice, always.

ALL without any retainers or hefty long-term contracts.

With Cyfluencer, getting your content in front of the right people 

– at scale – has never been so easy or affordable.

How it works:

  • Apply to Join

    Do you have at least 3000 engaged social media followers? Fill out this short form to join. Cyfluencer is free to use.

  • Get approval

    Once you’ve been approved, you’ll get login details and an onboarding guide.

  • Browse the library

    Our vendors load new content weekly. Content includes articles, podcasts, ungated white papers, and the like.

  • Share content

    Your integrity is everything to you - and to us. You can choose to share content. You never have to share anything. Don’t find a content piece relevant? Ignore it. Love a content piece? Share it.

  • Get compensated

    We know you’re not doing it for the money, but we want to show you that we value what you’re doing for the community. At the end of the month, you get paid for unique clicks that your shared content generated. You can track your performance via your own dashboard.

A glance at what type of content you'll have access to:

Some of the verticals our content addresses:

Cyfluencer helps you broaden your knowledge, expand your influence,
and grow your professional brand

Personal support

Personal onboarding process and ongoing support

Limited notifications

Weekly notifications of the latest content, making it easy to keep abreast of the latest developments across verticals

Professional Brand

LinkedIn Training to optimize your visibility and professional branding


In short, it’s a content-sharing platform that hosts quality content to a central library. You – the cybersecurity professional – browse this library and select content that aligns with your standards to share with your audience.

You have high standards. So do we. We vet the vendor before we give them access to the platform to make sure they’re credible, legitimate, and have a robust product. Once they’ve joined, the vendor is responsible for the content they upload. We advise our vendors on the type of content that performs best.

Credibility is crucial within cybersecurity. As an influencer on our platform, there’s no direct promotion of a product or becoming a ‘Brand Ambassador’. You’re given the opportunity to share content and start conversations around ideas that you find relevant within cybersecurity. You have complete control over what you choose to share or not to share.  Additionally, there is no direct communication with the publishing vendor so there is NO pressure or obligation to post from any brand.

You’ll have access to our library that has a range of articles and media on topics across different verticals provided by different cybersecurity vendors. choose which content you’d like to share with your network on LinkedIn, add your own honest insights or takeaways around the concepts discussed and post it. Any unique traffic generated by the content you shared will be attributed to your account and you’ll be paid out at the end of the month.

No! Our influencers ALWAYS have 100% control over if - and what - they share. They have no obligation to share anything. Ever. This ensures the content they do choose to share is received as organic and trustworthy. Our influencers are honest, ethical, and care about contributing value to the greater community. We would never demand they share anything and never guarantee any amount of shares. That’s why there’s no retainer or monthly fee. You only pay for the value you receive. However, if you do provide high-value content, there’s a strong likelihood it will be read and shared. Since you’re already creating content, you have nothing to lose (and a massive amount to gain) by uploading it to Cyfluencer.

We recommend sharing at least one piece of content per week.  However, you’re not obligated if you feel there is no content relevant to share at any given time. We never want you to post only from our platform nor spam the content to your socials. You are free to post as frequently or infrequently as you want.

Transparency is important to maintain credibility for everyone, therefore disclosing according to the FTC guidelines is required, in addition to your own brief insights or takeaways relevant to the content.

You may not solicit clicks to the content. Write and post as you would any other article or video around cybersecurity, sharing your unique and honest perspective on the topic as a professional in the field.  If you do not agree with particular content and have no constructive insights to contribute, it’s best to share something else.

You’re already sharing interesting content on issues and methodologies around cybersecurity, now you can get compensated for it! And, you can get easy access to quality, relevant content to expand your knowledge and keep abreast of the latest developments in the industry.

Our current focus is primarily on cybersecurity professionals who are active on LinkedIn. However, if you have a following on Twitter that would find the content relevant, let us know and we’ll review the account to see if it is eligible to share there as well. We plan to expand to other channels in the future.

Companies benefit by getting their quality content in front of your relevant audiences. This helps increase their brand awareness, generate demand, and expand their influence. But you get to lead by sharing only content what passes snuff with you.

We pay commissions each month in USD through PayPal. We’re working on adding other payment methods.

Absolutely! Currently, we’ve selected two great organizations you can choose from to send your earnings: Innocent Lives Foundation and Mental Health Hackers. We can issue receipts as proof of the donation in your name but it may not be possible for you to use it for tax deductions in your jurisdiction. If you’d like to nominate another organization that is connected to the cybersecurity community in either giving back to the larger populace or for supporting cybersecurity professionals themselves, we’d love to learn about them. Send an email to and provide a link to the organization’s website.

Not your cuppa tea? We also have a growing network of cybersecurity speakers we manage for virtual speaking opportunities, taking the headache out of vendor requests you get bombarded with routinely. 

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