The fast, easy, and affordable way for marketers to get respected cybersecurity influencers to read and share your content.

Are you a cybersecurity vendor who wants to:

As a Cybersecurity marketer you face unique challenges:

When it comes to making waves (generating demand) in cybersecurity,
recognition from the inside is everything.


While paid ads, SEO and traditional PR are key components of your marketing strategy, you know that you need to gain the trust and recognition of those who are part of the closed community.

Even though you’re already producing stellar content, it’s not getting nearly enough traction. 

You’ve realized it takes years for a startup to get to the point where you’re having people from your target market regularly share your posts.

How do you get your content in front of cybersecurity professionals when they:


There is an easy and fast way to get more of the RIGHT eyeballs on your content. 

Cyfluencer lets you share your content directly with laser-targeted professionals
so you can:

ALL without any retainers or hefty long-term contracts.

With Cyfluencer, getting your content in front of the right people 

– at scale – has never been so easy or affordable.

What is Cyfluencer?

It’s a content-sharing platform that allows you (the vendor) to upload quality content to a central library. Cybersecurity professionals then browse this library and select content to share with their audience.

How it works:

You bring the content

With one click, you upload a content piece to the content library via the platform. There’s no cost for uploading content.

We bring the Influencer

Influencers browse the content library. They can choose to share your content on social media (LI or Twitter). You only pay for how the unique traffic your content generates

They bring the audience

Our platform tracks and reports how many clicks a content piece generates. You only pay for performance AND you get live data around the type of content that appeals to your audience.

Paid campaigns can only take you so far.
We’ll take you the rest of the way.

Our platform lets you...

So you can...

Get your content shared by respected cybersecurity influencers

Build trust and gain credibility inside the community

Gain visibility in front of decision-makers in your ideal target market

Generate demand from right-fit prospects

Post content once for multiple shares

Get the maximum mileage from your content

Pay only for the value you receive

Achieve a high ROI without costly contracts or retainers

Distribute your content at scale

Engage new audiences that you couldn’t access before

Monitor how your content performs in real time

Gain data-driven insight that informs and optimizes your content strategy

Low maintenance.
Low cost.
High ROI.

Pay-per-Click Model

No limit to how many times content may be shared

One-click upload

Our typical Cybersecurity Influencer

Has at least 3000 engaged followers on LinkedIn

Is a CISO, vCISO, Consultant or Senior Security Professional

Has at least 10 years experience in the field


It’s a content-sharing platform that allows you (the vendor) to upload quality content to a central library. Cybersecurity professionals then browse this library and select content to share with their audience.

We get it. You need leads and demo-sign ups to fill up your pipeline. However, we operate at the Top-of-the-Funnel (TOFU).  Our goal is to help you increase brand awareness, build credibility and generate demand by getting your content in front of a highly-targeted audience. While we’ll be thrilled if your content shares turn into actual leads, we do not promise this and do not want you to expect this. If your PRIMARY goal of joining Cyfluencer is to generate immediate leads, this is probably not the platform for you.

As many as you want, as often as you want. The more current and relevant content is, the higher the chance of it being shared. That said, evergreen content (guides, how-to, and the like) performs really well. Quality will always beat quantity.

Great question. We strongly recommend sharing high-value content.  While you’re welcome to post any content you like, our influencers will typically NOT share anything that 

  • promotes F.U.D or is fearmongering
  • Is primarily promotional
  • suggests your product is THE bulletproof shield against a security risk

            Since you’ll have access to detailed performance reports on all shares, you will have data of what content performs best in your target market.

No! Our influencers ALWAYS have 100% control over if - and what - they share. They have no obligation to share anything. Ever. This ensures the content they do choose to share is received as organic and trustworthy. Our influencers are honest, ethical, and care about contributing value to the greater community. We would never demand they share anything and never guarantee any amount of shares. That’s why there’s no retainer or monthly fee. You only pay for the value you receive. However, if you do provide high-value content, there’s a strong likelihood it will be read and shared. Since you’re already creating content, you have nothing to lose (and a massive amount to gain) by uploading it to Cyfluencer.

We focus on professionals with a minimum of 2500 engaged followers and all the way up to 50,000 followers. We vet each influencer to ensure they represent values and standards that respect our industry. We find micro-influencers (1000 - 100 000 followers) are highly motivated to provide value and have the highest level of engagement from their audience. They have a vast and varied network that allows your content to reach a new, diverse audience. Our network of influencers grows daily, spanning several continents and multiple specialties within cybersecurity.

You’re already producing excellent content. Now you can get it in front of the right people.

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