About us

Connecting credible cybersecurity vendors and professionals so they can share valuable content, ideas, and insights

About us

Cyfluencer is a cybersecurity influencer marketing and distribution platform that is powered by the folks at WadiDigital.


Our Why:

Making it easy for cybersecurity vendors and professionals to share quality content, ideas, and insights.

We know there are so many threats out there, and people need solutions and awareness so they can protect themselves. 


But so much marketing in the industry preys on fear, vulnerabilities, and panic.

As anti-marketing marketers, we’re not here to deceive, terrorize or catastrophize.

By helping credible members of the industry make a bigger impact, we hope to use marketing for the good.


Vendors need a way to get their product out there, with integrity. 

Professionals want to share their deep expertise and promote meaningful dialogue. 


By connecting these two parties, we help vendors expand their reach,  professionals to increase their impact, and the world to be a safer place.



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